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Oil & Gas

Bird removal in the oil and gas industry is crucial. This is because of the major threat to wildlife and the balance of ecosystems. Oil and gas companies typically produce byproduct residuals from their production, which they capture in tailings ponds. Before cleaning up, these ponds contain layers of oil, which is harmful to birds. Geese, loons, swans, ducks, and other birds fly over these toxic ponds but see them as a regular body of water. However, when birds land on tailings ponds they often are at risk for coming into contact with toxic chemicals. In many instances, birds will die from exposure to these chemicals, so companies are obligated to reduce their impact to wildlife.

Bird removal in oil & gas

The most humane way to prevent ecological and economic damage, is to incorporate The Drone Bird into the regular wildlife management plan. This is because it is minimally invasive and does no harm to wildlife. It acts as a natural predator, causing birds to react they way they would if a real predator were hunting. This provides a humane solution for bird removal, especially at critical moments.

Bird removal for the oil and gas industry doesn’t need to be highly challenging. At The Drone Bird Company we developed several long-term bird control strategies, with high success rates. We can aid in reducing the presence of local bird populations, and we were even able to reduce the number of pest birds to zero in our most successful projects. Furthermore, when there is an emergency situation at hand, The Drone Bird Company allows for personnel to act quickly and effectively.

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