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Construction & Dredging

Bird control in construction and dredging is important because nesting birds can halt operations, resulting in slowed production. This is because operations teams must avoid harassing the birds or damage eggs and offspring. Furthermore, birds can be a nuisance because of large flocks obstructing regular work, and leaving excessive amounts of excrement on site. These project areas leave wide open spaces and exposed earth, and offer exceptional feeding, loafing, and nesting grounds. Because of this appeal, bird removal is particularly challenging. Birds tend to return very quickly after being scared away. The The Drone Bird Company helps birds to go away, and stay away. Moreover, reduces nesting.

The Drone Bird Company team offers a service package including pilots who will conduct wildlife management daily during operational hours to prevent nesting. They do this with the input of the resident wildlife management specialists in your construction and dredging bird control operation.

The team recommends beginning bird removal operations early, during the regular or predicted nesting season. With our team’s Operations Manager, you can proactively design your unique wildlife management plan.

Alternatively, you may request to order The Drone Bird Company systems along with training and service subscription. In this way your own specialists can do the operation, and you can pay attention to the work at hand. 

The Drone Bird reducing nesting for construction and dredging in the Prorva Marine Channel

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