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Performance – ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’

On January 11th, 2019, the now-famous Indian military action film, Uri: The Surgical Strike, was released. Now more than 1.5 billion people have seen the film in which our The Drone Bird bird drone is featured. Film scouts contacted our team in the Netherlands, and commissioned our pilots to fly for scenes in the film. The film portrayed The Drone Bird Company as a project designed and manufactured by a character in the story. However, the The Drone Bird Company is the only party that makes, flies, and trains with this UAV.

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The Drone Bird Bird Drone Featured in Uri: The Surgical Strike

Bird Drone in Uri: Fact vs. Fiction

In the film an intern creates a robotic ‘eagle’ unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which he names Garuda (The Drone Bird Company). The UAV possesses features such as a high resolution camera in the eyes (16 megapixel with 7.2x digital zoom), night vision, and infrared. It flies continuously for 12 kilometers, with a four hour charge on a single battery. It can also hover in place to launch and land. In the film the military uses it for spying purposes.

In reality, The Drone Bird Company does not have these capabilities. The real UAV does have internal GPS, is modeled after a peregrine falcon, flies just a few kilometeres away, and uses a battery with a 15-minute charge. It presently requires someone to throw it for launch, and glide lands on its belly. It does not hover. Most importantly, it is not a military tool. Rather, its primary purpose is a humane method for bird control in high risk areas and complex environments.

Since the release of the film, our engineers are working on enhancing this unit’s capabilities. If a client has a special request we can now equip the The Drone Bird with a camera (not in the eyes). In the coming years, they will also develop the unit further to achieve AI for wildlife management purposes.


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