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The Drone Bird Company is a forward-thinking Dutch technology company leading the world in the development of bird-shaped drones. We specialize in the development of fixed-wing and flapping-wing systems, and our drones are both available for purchase or as a service provided by our specially trained, highly skilled pilots. We solve pest bird problems in a non-lethal way with our flapping-wing falcon. The unique feature of this drone is its ability to chase birds away in the direction of choice out of harm’s way, without habituation. While the falcon drone bird has been in use commercially for the past several years, the latest addition to our flock has been in development: the AVES Series Larus.

This fixed-wing, gull model is the most ideal drone for covert surveillance, reconnaissance, and other types of monitoring. This is because it is virtually undetectable and indistinguishable from the real thing, for both humans and animals. AVES is quickly gaining interest from police, special forces, secret services, and military services from all over the world because of the unique flying platform. It is also ideal because of its modular payload, and because it can be modelled after any species most common to the client’s region, anywhere in the world. AVES provides accurate intelligence in a safe way.

The Drone Bird Company pilots providing wildlife management services in an agricultural field.

Subsidy Programs

Through the generous support of Dutch government subsidy programs, the growth and development of The Drone Bird was made possible. With the continued loyalty of partners, employees, the government, and others, the company will continue to see success!

To learn more about growth and development of The Drone Bird Company and Dutch government subsidy programs that helped toward achieving our goals, please contact us at info@thedronebird.com or submit an inquiry.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No [868389].


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