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The Drone Bird Company is a forward-thinking Dutch technology company leading the world in the development of bird-shaped drones. We are located in the Twente region – ranked the number four most innovative country in the world. The Drone Bird Company built the first professional flapping-wing robotic bird used for bird control together with the research group Robotics and Mechatronics of the prestigious University of Twente.

Our team spent over 30 years of research to develop this first model, which has now been in use commercially for several years worldwide at airports and in the oil & gas and dredging sectors to help reduce bird populations and bird strikes to aircrafts.n the Twente area we have a Technology Base at Twente Airport where our main test facilities are based; a globally unique concept (see also Space53).

Our drones are available for purchase or as a service provided by our specially trained, highly skilled pilots – solving bird control problems in a non-lethal way using birds’ own natural predator.  As of 2021, The Drone Bird Company has added a few new additions to the flock – the AVES Series 1: Larus, Aquila, and our latest development a Fixed-Wing Peregrine Falcon.

The Drone Bird Solution
The falcon drone bird is a remote control robotic bird of prey. It has the realistic appearance and weight of its living counterpart.  Just recently The Drone Bird Company added a new bird to their flock, It is a fixed Wing Peregrine Falcon. Next to our world famous Ornithopter Peregrine Falcon we created a Fixed wing Peregrine Falcon.

Just as the ornithopter versions our fixed wing peregrine Falcon design has a flight performance comparable and indistinguishable to a real peregrine falcon. Through the combination of realistic silhouette and carefully mimicked flight behavior and enhanced flight performance, other birds think the falcon bird is a real predator. Because of these characteristics, the falcon drone bird is one of the most safe, humane, effective forms of bird control. It is the perfect tool for airport bird control and many other bird-related problems.

We love Technology. We love Birds. We combined them in one solution. We are real professionals: The Drone Bird Company.

The Drone Bird Company focuses on four application domains:
Bird control & wildlife monitoring at airports, in the oil & gas industry, and in agriculture
• Wildlife monitoring and conservation (such as anti-poaching)
Unobtrusive surveillance in the security domain (border control, police, defense, and special forces)
• Special productions (e.g. BBC Spy in the Wild, movies, performances, theaters, amusement parks, and more)